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We Believe:

  • Everyone deserves access to food, water, shelter, and clothing.  

  • That every person we encounter should be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.

  • In being good stewards of our resources.


Our Mission:

  • To provide meaningful assistance that helps address the basic needs of any Davidson County resident who walks through our doors.



  • The most basic needs of our Davidson County neighbors (food, shelter, water, and clothing) are met and all members of our community can thrive.

  • CCM remains an agent of positive change in our immediate neighborhood and larger community.

  • Engage with other non-profits, business partners, and government agencies to build a network that collaboratively solves local problems.

Cooperative Community Ministry was established in 1995 as a coordinated way to help people in crisis. Several pastors and lay leaders saw a need for local churches and agencies to work together to provide assistance to those in need. It is a non-profit corporation governed by volunteer Board of Directors representing the Thomasville community. 
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